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خامات بلاستيك

PET PE بولي ايثيلين Flexible laminates for food

Industrial packaging

●Stretch films
●nanoERGIS® films
●Ergis Load Stability Academy (ELSA)

شركه خامات بلاستيك

Industrial packagingStretch filmsnanoERGIS® filmsErgis Load Stability Academy (ELSA)PET bands Films for food and pharmaceutical packagingRigid filmsLaminatesFlexible laminates for food Soft PVC filmsInsulating filmsWater pondsSpecial films Other productsPVC CompoundsPET flakesOther

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Preliminary results of the Ergis Group after Q2 2018: increase of sales and net profit

The ERGIS group, the leader of plastics processing in Central and Eastern Europe, has published preliminary financial results for the second quarter of 2018. The estimated revenue of the ERGIS Group increased by 10.7% up to PLN 207.3 million. …