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BOPP film


Polypropylene tensilised film


They may be used directly as packaging material or as a component of laminates.


We have three professional bobbin cutting machines, which enable us to offer top quality services.

  • transparent films – tensilised, weldable on both sides, prepared for printing on one side only or on both sides, thickness from 15 to 50 µm. The films are resistant to fat, oils, organic solvents and acids. They are used primarily as monofilms or components of laminates for packaging for confectionery, pasta, tea boxes, dried fruit and vegetables, as well as tobacco products and cosmetics;
  • pearl white films – tensilised, weldable on one side only or on both sides, prepared for printing on one side only or on both sides, thickness from 28 to 60 µm. They are primarily used for packaging suitable for ice-cream, cosmetics and confectionery – mainly for chocolate products and cakes, due to its high mechanic durability, low water vapour permeability, high resistance to low temperatures, resistance to fat, oils and acids, and high yield due to low density;
  • metallised films – tensilised, thermoweldable, thickness from 15 to 35 µm. They are used primarily as components of laminates, together with transparent polypropylene films or with polyethylene (PE), occasionally as monofilms. The main customers of metallised films are fast food (snacks) producers and producers of ice-cream, wafers, chocolate bars etc. More and more often metallised film (in the form of laminate with PE) replaces aluminium foil used for sealing of products packed in thermoformed containers (yoghurt, jam, honey etc.) They are used mainly for packaging of products which require increased or high protection barrier against the influence of light or oxygen;
  • “florist’s” films – tensilised, non-weldable, prepared for printing on one side only, thickness from 25 to 40 µm. This is a kind of transparent film of both-side high gloss finishing. It is mostly used for packaging of flowers or making bags for instance to pack view-cards, jewellery etc.

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