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Decorative films


Decorative PVC films are manufactured in various variants: single- and multicoloured, single and double, with and without a textile base. All products from the ERGIS S.A.’s offer are presented below with their short description.

  • TREFL tablecloth with non-woven backing – aesthetic and durable film with unicolour or multicolour overprint permanently combined with non-woven backing.
  • TREFL PREMIUM tablecloth with non-woven backing – distinctive with its elegant design and textile embossing.
  • CRYSTAL highly transparent film – film with delicate overprint, excellent both for the decoration of table and the protection of textile tablecloth.
  • TREND single tablecloth film – semi-transparent film with white overprint, embossed, appropriate for many applications.
  • CELEBRA white tablecloth film  – single film in white colour with aesthetic pattern embossed on the surface.
  • FAMILIA single table cloth film, comes in a variety of designs and features one-coloured or multi-coloured pattern. This product is intended for further processing (retail packaging);
  • MARS pre-cut tablecloth 100×130 cm – aesthetic and practical tablecloth made of Familia film. Packed separately in polybags with label. 10 different designs in 1 box.
  • SATURN tablecloth 100×140 cm made of Trefl tablecloth. Packed separately in polybags with label. 5 different designs in 1 box.


– table protection and decoration


  • stylish patterns;
  • comfort of use;
  • durability.

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Product type Dimensions Packaging
TREFL 140 cm 20 m
CRYSTAL 140 cm 30 m
TREND 140 cm 50 m
CELEBRA 140 cm 50 m
FAMILIA 130 cm 200 m
MARS 100×130 cm 20 pcs.
SATURN 100×140 cm 10 pcs.

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