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Ergis Load Stability Academy (ELSA)


(Ergis Load Stability Academy)

The only such place in Poland!

ELSA employees specialize in selecting film for specific types of wrappers and various types of cargo. They solve problems that occur in the packing process, such as:
  • breaking of film;
  • excessive quantities of film used;
  • excessive costs of packing;
  • excessive wrapping time;
  • damage in transport; and
  • tilted pallets.

How we work?

We analyze the current packing.

We check:

  • the quantity of film used;
  • the parameters of the wrapping program;
  • the technical condition of the wrapper.
  • the forces that improve the stability and the security of the goods
    in transport (See how we measure the stabilizing forces);
  • the expectations of your customers.


Based on the information we have collected, we prepare solutions to be implemented, which include:

  • the best type of film for specific needs;
  • the wrapping program and pattern; and
  • calculation of the packing costs.



Conclusion in the form of a detailed report.


The implementation of the solution at the customer’s site includes:

  • setting the wrapping parameters that have been determined;
  • measurement of the stabilizing forces; and
  • training of employees.


We provide technical support and regular checks of the process (to verify the forces that protect the goods and the quantity of film used).


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We provide the best solutions