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Hard technical films


We are a leading supplier of films for the production of foodstuff, pharmaceutical and technical packaging. We offer a wide range of PVC, PET and PET/PE film products. In addition, we design comprehensive high-quality laminate and coating film solutions.

Our basic product range comprises mono films and laminates:

  • rigid packaging films made of PVC and PET for such uses as direct contact with foodstuff (and FFS system packaging films);
  • PVC and PET rigid pharmaceutical films for packing pills, capsules and medical equipment;
  • PVC and PET rigid technical films for such uses as sheets, tubes, blisters, thermoforming, and creasing;
  • food laminates – PVC/PE and PET/PE film laminates for foodstuff and pharmaceuticals;
  • flexible films/laminates for food packaging.

We highly recommend innovative FFS system packaging films, or films for vacuum packaging of foodstuff. This type of packaging keeps food products fresh for longer and ensures that they are served in an attractive form. All food laminates produced by MKF-Schimanski-Ergis undergo strict tests before they can be marketed.

Many years of experience in the packaging and film industry allow us to provide comprehensive advice on optimal product packaging methods. Films and laminates for foodstuff and other products are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and technologies.

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In addition, MKF-Schimanski-Ergis produces the following:

  • Anti-fog films for food packaging. This type of packaging is especially recommended for storing fresh vegetables, which produce water that creates unsightly steam. It may be used, for instance, to pack mixed salad leaves. An innovative technology will keep them fresh and attractive in appearance. On the one hand, the anti-fog film prevents vapour condensation, and on the other hand, its coating can be printed on at the customer’s request.
  • Skin films, which adapt themselves to perfectly fit around the product. This type of film is resistant to mechanical damage, while its high transparency ensures that the product is well displayed.

We also provide tailor-made packaging for individual needs.