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Insulating films


Hydro-insulating film made of polyvinyl chloride used for the protection of buildings and engineering objects from moisture and water.

ERGIS patented their own system of placing film on high gradient surfaces.



PVC IZOFOL film is an advanced hydro-insulating material used for:

– horizontal hydro-insulation of foundation plates and floors in general and industrial construction;

– vertical hydro-insulation of foundation walls;

– hydro-insulation of water tanks and settling tanks, as well as levees, both ground and reinforced concrete;

– insulation of landfill sites and waste storage yards;

– insulation of terraces and car parks;

– insulation in road and bridge construction;

– insulation of road and rail tunnels.

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  • possibility to join by welding (with hot air or a wedge) or gluing;
  • high resistance to most aggressive agents existing in the environment, resistance to UV radiation, acid rains and wide range of temperatures;
  • unit elongation strength at rupture exceeds 300%, which is important in structures exposed to high settlements or displacements, strength can be additionally increased by embedding a synthetic net of high strength in the film;
  • flexibility – enabling insulations of complicated surface shapes, even at temperatures below 0˚C, with security of good adhesion to the base (laying flatness);
  • texture achieved in the production process, increasing the membrane friction;
  • possibility of recycling – neutrality for the environment.


THICKNESS [mm] 1.00 1.50 2.00
WIDTH [m] 2.03 2.03 2.03
MINIMUM LENGTH [m] 26.6 26.6 26.6

Basic film thicknesses are presented in the table above. It is possible to make films of other thicknesses from 0.2mm to 3.0mm on customer’s individual request. To reduce work at a building site, it is possible to prepare in advance films in a form of sheets with standard dimensions of 6 m x 25 m. It is also possible to prepare sheets of other dimensions after consulting the manufacturer.


PVC IZOFOL films meet the requirements of the European harmonised standards:

  • PN-EN 13967:2012

Flexible sheets for waterproofing — plastic and rubber damp proof sheets including plastic and rubber basement tanking sheet.

  • PN-EN 13361:2006 + PN-EN 13361:2006/A1:2007

Geosynthetic barriers. Property requirements for products used in the construction of water reservoirs and dams.

  • PN-EN 13362:2006

Geosynthetic barriers. Property requirements for products used in the construction of canals.

  • PN-EN 13491:2006

Geosynthetic barriers. Property requirements for products used as a fluid barrier in the construction of tunnels and underground structures.

  • PN-EN 13492:2006 + PN-EN 13492:2006/A1:2007

Geosynthetic barriers. Property requirements for products used in the construction of liquid waste disposal sites, transfer stations or secondary containment.

  • PN-EN 13493:2007

Geosynthetic barriers. Property requirements for products used in the construction of solid waste storages and disposal sites.

Moreover, we hold:

  • Hygienic approval – issued by the Polish National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene
  • Measurement of angle of repose – measurements of friction resistance of PVC IZOFOL film in contact with various non-cohesive soils, conducted in Geotechnical Laboratory of the Department of Geotechnical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW).