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Flexible compounds for technical purposes

FLEXIBLE COMPOUNDS FOR TECHNICAL PURPOSES                                                     

Flexible compounds for technical purposes are intended for manufacturing soft products of various types, using the extrusion technology. In order to optimally match the type of granulated compound to the customer’s expectations, the product offer of ERGIS S.A. includes products of a wide hardness range, both standard and modified. In addition, the latter feature resistance to mechanical and weather factors.

Unfilled granulated compounds for extrusion Density, max.  [g/cm3] Hardness [oShA]
E0.90 1,36 90 +/- 3
E0.80 1,25 80 +/- 3
E0.70 1,24 70 +/- 3
E0.60 1,24 60 +/- 3
E0.50 1,24 50 +/- 3
Filled granulated compounds for extrusion* Density, max.  [g/cm3] Hardness [oShA]
E1.90 1,40 90 +/- 3
E1.80 1,40 80 +/- 3
E1.70 1,40 70 +/- 3
E1.60 1,38 60 +/- 3
E1.50 1,38 50 +/- 3

* natural, black and white are standard colours. Other colours are available subject to prior specification of requirements.

The presented materials are used, among others, for manufacturing:

  • external and internal layers of garden hoses;
  • static seals;
  • fender profiles;
  • profiles for boat sides;
  • profiles for truck curtains;
  • piping (hoses) of small diameters;
  • profiles of articulated rigid strips.

The standard product offer has been presented above.
However, this product offer does not cover the full product range of granulated compounds and plastics we are able to propose. Should you be interested in granulated compounds other than these specified above, please contact us.