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Special Application PVC films


Plastified and rigid PVC films


For office and school applications, as well as packaging, advertising materials, and technical products. They are manufactured in single- or multi-layer versions, which can be further processed (embossing and printing). The raw materials used for film production are health and environment friendly, free from heavy metal compounds and recyclable. The basic processing methods we apply to the films are: welding, printing with paints for PVC, and binding with other materials, e.g. by gluing or sewing.



We offer the following film ranges:

  • standard and custom-made highly transparent films;
  • transparent and opaque rigid films;
  • opaque film for school and office supplies;
  • leather imitation films;
  • printed films;
  • films for raincoat production;
  • films for children accessories production.

Films for special applications:

  • laminated films with paper;
  • double-layer films;
  • films for urostomy and colostomy pouches;
  • electro-insulation and cable films;
  • elastic curtains;
  • foamed films;
  • other technical films.

Depending on the customers’ preferences, we are able to manufacture special types of films, adjusted to the particular needs as regards their thickness, hardness, width, embossing, printing, and properties.

While processing the film, one should remember that films may change their size depending on the ambient temperature. Detailed properties of films are contained in technical specifications.


This kind of film is perfectly suitable for all kinds of office and school applicationspackagingtent windows and other products. Our standard production offer contains transparent PVC films in three rigidness grades:

  • very soft 34° Sh D ± 2°
  • soft 45° Sh D ± 3°
  • semi-rigid 61° Sh D ± 3°

Depending on the type of surface finish, smooth films and films embossed with various texture designs can be distinguished. Moreover, transparent films may be manufactured dyed or printed. The scope of offered films covers single-layer films of thickness range from 0.09 mm to 0.35 mm and width of 135 cm. Special kind of highly transparent films are the films applicable for tent windows, 0.40 mm and 0.50 mm thick. These films are manufactured in the following versions: single-layer printed film, double-layer printed or non-printed film. According to their resistance to low temperatures we may distinguish standard films (up to – 10°C) and frostproof ones (-20°C).


These are unicolour embossed films applicable for office and school products such as: covers, binders, folders, business card files, and for other technical applications. We offer covers the following kinds of films:

  • K films of thickness of 0.11 mm and rigidness of 55° Sh D ± 3°
  • K films of thickness of 0.20 mm and 0.28 mm, and rigidness of 45° Sh D ± 3°
  • K films of thickness of 0.12 mm and 0.20 mm, and rigidness of 36° Sh D ± 3°

At customers request we can produce films of thickness varying from 0.10 to 0.50 mm, in numerous colours and with various embossments. Standard width of the film ranges between 130 and 140 cm.


Our offer includes also other kinds of films:

  • rigid PVC films applicable for files and covers, including transparent films 0.13, 0.14 and 0.18 mm thick, and opaque films 0.14 mm thick;
  • films for mouse pads and desk covers, including foamed films 1.2, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 mm thick and embossed transparent rigid films 0.30 mm thick;
  • leather imitation films for officeschool and advertising materials;
  • double-layer glossy printed films, applicable for all kinds of covers, 0.20 mm thick
  • films for raincoat production;
  • films for children accessories production (highly transparent films, unicolour fancy products films and printed films).

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